Apr 242015
Oh my goodness!! Our lovely Kaneohe Ohana!! Peanut has a school project to do on a state that she had a connection to. Of course we will never forget Auntie Keiko, Uncle Lance, and cousins Jase, Shea, and Kade! They sent us this box. We spent a long time talking about our memories of living there. Peanut always used to follow uncle lance around like a birdie asking for whatever he was eating. Then she would climb into Shea's bed and nap hahaha. Jade would vacuum her hair and it would turn into a huge fro while she giggled. Auntie Keiko was the only one who could cut Kai's hair without him crying. Many a candy and Popsicle all over Auntie's steps!!! Kai also used to like to play with Kade and laugh and laugh. Kai was kind of a chunker Buddha baby. I learned some recipes that are family staples still today! We miss Hawaii and you!! @sheatats