Nov 122015
So I've been relaxing today with the kiddos. Two headachy people, and one sweet boy. Instead of grabbing something fast like we would have done, we had another plan of action. I changed out the shopping last time and overhauled what we have. #budgetkiller but worth it. Went for all mix of gluten free, AIP, and healthy carbs. The kids don't need to be on some freaky diet. Just eat clean. We had fast food alright but in the #IP, and kitchen. 1.5lb of butter garlic chicken in 10 min in the IP with organic butter and garlic. Rice, steamed organic green beans. Even the sweet boy got fast food... Gluten free chicken nuggets and Annie's organic ketchup. Now if we can just keep this up. #instantpot #suddenlyfamily #rrockstarrlife #dinnerin15 #lazytown